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Sustainable Tourism: A Positive Impact

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Sustainable Tourism: MAC Cabins strongly promotes a sustainable, ethical and robust tourism and leisure industry.  We actively promote this position and believe all holiday homes should be purpose built accommodation, fit for purpose, well designed, equipped and are highly insulated and compliment the environment. 

Purpose built holiday accommodations offer several benefits over the use of residential properties for short term holiday lets, which can have a devastating effect on the local community and residents.

1. Specialised Facilities: Purpose built, dedicated holiday accommodation is designed specifically for tourism in mind, often resorts and parks featuring onsite amenities tailored to enhance the visitor experience, such as onsite reception, eatery, shop, swimming pool, entertainment areas, and other outside facilities.

2. Consistency: Dedicated accommodation typically offer a consistent level of quality and service, again, ensuring that guests receive a reliable experience during their stay.

3. Maintenance and Upkeep: As many are managed professionally, purpose-built holiday accommodation undergo regular maintenance and upkeep, minimising the risk of unexpected issues during guests’ stay.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Purpose-built holiday accommodations and professional businesses are subject to regulations and standards specific to the tourism industry, ensuring compliance with safety, accessibility, and environmental requirements.

5. Location: Resorts & Parks are often strategically located in tourist destinations, providing convenient access to areas of outstanding beauty, beaches, countryside, attractions and other amenities.

6. Supporting Local Economy: Providing purpose built holiday accommodations can contribute to the local economy by supporting other tourism and related businesses, creating jobs within the local community and wider region.

7. Reduced Impact on Communities: By demanding purpose built holiday accommodations, tourists can help alleviate the strain on the residential community, reducing disruptions to local residents daily lives and preserving the character of the location.  This will have a positive effect on the local property market and stop the wave of Residential Property being used as short term holiday lets.  Giving the local community a chance to thrive once more.

Overall, dedicated holiday accommodations provide’s a benefits to the location, local residents and the holiday maker, ensuring a sustainable tourism future for all.

Sustainable tourism in the UK focuses on minimising negative impacts on the environment, supporting local communities, and preserving cultural heritage while providing memorable experiences for all visitors and guests.

MAC Cabins specialise in providing a variety of timber buildings through out the South West of England. With an extensive range of products such as Timber Lodges, Log Cabins, Timber Frame Houses, Glamping Pods and Timber Buildings, each offer a diverse selection to suit different preferences, styles and needs.

Having a wide choice of design, layout, and configuration options, it allows customers to find accommodations that aligns with their specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a cozy cabin for a natural setting, a spacious Timber Lodge, Glamping Pod for leisure purposes, or a timber frame house, MAC Cabins aims to meet your specific requirements.

Timber buildings have gained popularity due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and sustainability. These buildings blend well with natural surroundings and provide a comfortable, warm and efficient living accommodation or working space. 

We are delighted to offer such options to our clients throughout the South West. Allowing them to explore different styles of timber buildings and choose the one that suits them best.


The Sunday Times this weekend featured yet another article, exploring the lack housing for the local residents. This time it Whitby, again a seaside location, where the blame for lack of housing, is in someways pointing towards the rise of short term holiday lets.

It’s been apparent for a long time that there is an issue with residential homes being lost to short term holiday rental, which intern prices the local residents out of the housing market.

I have been a long time campaigner for a change to this policy, which not only aloud this to happen, but actively encouraged it.  I believe that tourism is good for all locations around the country, regardless of the region.  However, holiday accommodation, should in my opinion be purpose built, specifically for the use within the holiday letting industry, anyone who has read our blogs on the state of the UK housing market will have read this before.

As previously stated, the effect is:

“Prices continue to grow across the housing sector, with vast numbers being added to the short term holiday rental market and are being purchased by investors, located all too often out of the area, or even overseas. Houses, now being rented for thousands of pounds a week, in the high season and left empty out of season.  Homes in the UK used to be called the country’s housing stock (Homes).  This is the perfect offering for the short term holiday rental market, small family units and individuals looking for their own home, with a price point that is affordable, for a product that is available today.” 

MAC Cabins actively supports sustainable tourism. Dedicated purpose built holiday buildings DO NOT adversely affect the local property market. Dedicated holiday lets and resorts throughout the South West region are good for the local economy and the leisure industry. 

Working to provide the tourism and leisure industry with the right accommodation for the tourist market sector. 

To discuss how we can help you to expand your rental accommodation or plans your new venture, call today on 0800 999 1564

If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with, regarding our services, or any of our timber buildings, please feel free to contact us today.

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