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MAC Cabins Recommendations for Product Maintenance

In order to ensure that your garden building has longevity it must be maintained effectively.  We therefore recommend that you follow some basic principles such as; treatment, mould prevention and others.

What type of treatment does my garden building require?

Treatment of a log cabin, wooden garage, passive home or other wooden building should be done to prevent and protect the timber from rotting, moulding, insect damage or simply discolouration.  The treatment will also protect the structure from direct sunlight, which over time will cause wood to dry and could result in splitting within the timber logs. 

We strongly recommend that your preserve your cabin or structure by treating it as soon as it has been installed.  With additional attention to the areas more likely to get wet and an extra coat to; interlocking areas of the walls, window support trims, doors and the wind boards.

Treatment should only be applied to completely dry timber, therefore if the structure has been put together during inclement weather then we would recommend you wait until it is completely dry before applying the treatment.  Failure to do this may result in mould being locked in with the treatment.

Although treatments come in varying sizes, brands and prices, we would recommend you do not economise on the quality of treatment you use.  A good quality oil based treatment will ensure the longevity of the building and we would recommend you do this annually, especially if you live in a particularly wet or hot environment.

Wood and natural deformations

All natural timber will expand when it is affected by moisture and shrink when it is hot and dry.  This is a feature of natural wood and will naturally revert to its usual size.   Please be assured this is not a direct result of the quality of the building but a feature of natural wood timber.  Please do not be tempted to fill any temporary gaps with wood filler, foam or any other insulation material.  Allow the wood to acclimatise to its conditions, naturally.

How to keep mould at bay

Mould appears when it has the combination of poor air ventilation and warm temperatures.  This can be avoided by treating the cabin or structure with a mould preventative annually.  Please do not be alarmed if mould should appear, as a treatment to remove mould can be purchased from any DIY store.