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Why choose to have your cabin fitted by the MAC Cabins installers?

As an additional service we offer to install your cabin(s) for you, with a value for money fitting service with unprecedented customer service and the MAC Cabin attention to detail.

The teams are comprised of experienced cabin fitters, together with qualified carpenters, roofers and other trade factions of the construction industry.

When you choose to buy a cabin from us, you will get a high quality cabin at a price that nobody can match. It then makes good sense to choose our in-house installation service to ensure that your cabin, with any modifications you want, is fitted correctly so that you can enjoy your cabin, trouble-free, for many years to come.

Although we primarily offer this service in the South West of England, we can arrange to travel further if required within the UK.

How does the MAC Cabins installation service work?

We appreciate the individuality of every client and their situation and have a flexible approach to installation.

From the construction of the base to the entire project management we work closely with you to ensure we meet your budgetary requirements. All aspects of your build can be catered for including customised options, entirely new elements and a turnkey installation service.

Quite simply, we work to your specifications and your budget!

What does the MAC Cabins installations service cover?

When you appoint MAC Cabins to undertake the fitting of your cabin you tap into a pool of diverse knowledge and experience going back 30+ years.

We can assist with any, or all, of the following:

  • Basic construction of your cabin
  • Constructing a base: concrete or ground screws (piles) or other environmentally responsible options
  • Preparation of the site prior to installation of the cabin
  • Customisation of cabins: bespoke measurements / shapes, non-standard windows and doors
  • Installation of roofing using EPDM rubber sheeting, shingles (numerous types) and drip trays, guttering, downpipes and soakaways
  • Fitting of insulation for walls, roofs and floors (with appropriate breathable membranes and vapour barriers)
  • Electrics: connecting the cabin to mains, sockets and lighting, heating and cooling / air conditioning systems, solar energy systems, ground source heating / cooling
  • ICT: internet connection, telephone landline, AV and entertainment systems
  • Plumbing and drainage: installing toilets, showers, basins, kitchenettes
  • Decking areas
  • Painting / wood preservation and decorating
  • Installing gyms
  • Security systems: cameras / safes, locks / alarms
  • Advice on office layout – optimisation for productivity and for aesthetics
  • Advice about planning permission

What Should you do if you’re interested in this service?

Start off by having an informal chat with our expert Dirk McFarlane-Aitken

Office Number: 0800 999 1564