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Foundations Recommended
by MAC Cabins

What makes a solid foundation?

  • For the most stable and lasting foundation for your cabin or other structure from our range, we recommend a concrete base, for its longevity.  There are a host of other foundations to choose from, ranging; concrete slabs or a timber-framed base but this would require an even ground to be built upon.

  • Another option for an uneven ground would be to install adjustable pedestals, whilst cost effective; this would only be recommended for our smaller cabins.

Why we recommend ensuring an even ground is used to build the cabin upon;-

  • An uneven base will result in distortion, twisting or buckling of your cabin or structure
  • It complicates the build process, as our cabins are designed with a simple interlocking assembly, designed to be built on a level foundation.
  • Do not compromise the build by feeling you can economise with the foundations.

If you are unsure, please do ask for advice.

What should the foundation base measure?

In order to ensure a good solid foundation, we recommend matching the base to the external dimensions of the floor bearers.  However, for the depth of a concrete base we would recommend it is gauged depending on the size and weight of the cabin, but a minimum recommendation would be between 100mm and 300mm.

What other recommendations are there for the foundation?

In order to prevent mould we recommend you construct the building on a dry base.  If the weather is not favourable and the base is not completely dry, we would recommend you air the completed build and keep it fully ventilated for a sufficient time for the base to become completely dry.