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Penzance – 04mac

From: £4,184.26



The Penzance

Planning Compliant Log Cabin –
Planning Compliant Log Cabins 9.84 ft x 9.84 ft

Door Size – 1x 1930mm x 1410mm
Window Size – 1x 500mm x 500mm

Eaves Height 44mm and 70mm – 2220mm
Ridge Height 44mm and 70mm – 2430mm


T&G Flooring, thickness – 28 mm
T&G Roofing, thickness – 19 mm

Treated foundation timbers – 75 x 45mm
Treated floor joists – 45 x 45mm

All corner sections are interlocking – both internal and external.
Heavy duty roof purlins.
Facia and Barge boards included.

All glazing is double glazed, tilt and turn windows.

Optional Extras Include:

Build/Fitting service
Roof shingles
Base fitting service

The Penzance Log Cabin

3 .0 x 3 .0m log cabin equals 9 square meters of space. This really should be loads of space for keeping your tools, equipment, or even a motorcycle. Whenever fitting your log cabin in your own garden there are lots of advantages instead of a simple garden storage shed ,and this may raise your house valuation . The possibility of raising your house valuation is possibly increased because wood cabins are built from premium quality material by experienced craftsmen . Not only is any kind of real wood building useful and beneficial , it ought to also be visually satisfying.

The Penzance Cabin may be customised for your needs. For example, you may just select a normal model from one of the images or screens you see in a store. Nevertheless, you are totally free to include windows, doors, and even skylights. A number of these log cabins are entirely distinct looking, even though they might be constructed from the identical fundamental style and design.

Despite the fact these kinds of structures are used as playrooms, they are not playthings. Entry as well as side windows are often as substantive and entirely effective as the ones that you might have at your residence. In fact, quite a few people sometimes make use of these log buildings as summer season. They are really roomy enough to offer a relaxing living as well as sleeping room.

They might even be supplied with electricity. You could have electric lighting, heating system, as well as cooling placed into your log cabin. Log cabins might sound old-fashioned, nevertheless they are in reality exceptionally adaptable and contemporary in both purpose as well as style and design.

No review would be totally complete without referring to that these structures will also be very power efficient. Have you been concerned about preserving the natural environment or simply just cutting down your own energy costs? Wood is a purely natural insulator, and that helps to ensure that your building should really remain much cooler during the summer time and more comfortable in the winter time. The wood can also be procured from sustainable sources. Constructing a wood development is a sensible decision in this particular era.

Here’s the best part relating to the log cabin Shepshed practical and spacious timber log cabin. They really are easy to establish and reasonably priced to purchase. The reason being parts are made in a manufacturing plant, after which they are simply shipped to your house. This means that the whole thing was basically constructed to specific technical specs in the most efficient conceivable way.

It is possible to engage the supplier to install your structure, or maybe you can hire your very own work crew. In either case, you can enjoy your log cabin in no time at all.

This cabins provide you with plenty of room for various uses. They may additionally be custom-made to your own desires. Because each and every wood building is reasonably priced and straightforward to install, they are definitely a sensible way to create more secure space and value to your own property. The top quality wood is resilient and looks impressive as well.




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