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Cranmore – 5.5m x 5m – 2111

From: £16,917.96


Description – 5.5m x 5m – 2111

Log Cabins 5.5m x 5m

Log Cabin Cranmore 5.5m x 5m
Log Cabins 18.05 ft x 16.4 ft

Door Size – 3x 1930mm x 830mm

Window Size – 4x 1130mm x 1310mm

Eaves height 44mm 70mm – 2125mm
Ridge height 44mm 70mm – 2625mm

Floor Thickness – 28mm
Roof Thickness – 19mm

Log Cabin Ruscote (5.5m x 5m)(18.05 ft x 16.4 ft) is perfect for :
Snooker Room
Garden Sleep over Room
Storing Motor Bikes
Summer House
Home Cinema
Garden Hideaway
Consultation Room
Garden Work Shop
Bike Shed
Therapy Room
Garden Office
Play Room
Guest Room
Hobby Room
Garden Reading Room


5.5m x 5.0m


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